Friday, August 31, 2012

Teal Sherer is Artist Of The Month for August 2012

Teal Sherer
Teal Sherer

Teal Sherer
Teal Sherer
99.9 % of  the time the Artist of the month is a singer. In October 2011 the Artist of the month was the poet Tanya Davis. We call it Artist Of The Month  not singer or entertainer of the month. Because sometimes it might be a painter, photographer, dancer, musician, actor. comedian, writer , etc . The Artist Of The Month for August 2012 is the actress Teal Sherer.

Teal Sherer is a very beautiful and talented actor. She is also producer. The first time I saw Teal was in the awesome Elf Sabers video she did last year. I just found out about her show on YouTube called My Gimpy Life. On YouTube they show a lot of ads for the YouTube channel WIGS. All the shows on WIGS suck. My Gimpy Life and is much better than any of the shows on WIGS. You should check the show out. I love Teal's show it is very funny. But I have to warn you it does have a lot of Profanity.

At the age of 14, Teal was in a car accident. She broke her back and became a paraplegic. She is an advocate for people with disabilities. In 2011 Teal received the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation Acting Award.

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Teal Sherer in Mexico with UCP Wheels for Humanity