Sunday, September 17, 2017

Trump is a racist and other fake news

"A lie repeated often enough becomes the truth."
~ G. Goebbels (Joseph Goebbels), Propaganda officer for Adolf Hitler

If you watch CNN , MSNBC and other fake news. You will hear the same lies over and over again. President Trump is a racist. Trump is anti-Semitic. Trump refuses to denounce David Duke and white supremacists.  Most of Trump supporters are racist.  Why would CNN and other news outlets lie about this? This sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory to some people. However , just like there are religious zealots. There are also political zealots. People who want their political agenda to succeed and Trump's agenda to fail. People that want to stop Trump  " By Any Means Necessary " . They don't care that their lies will cause racial diversion and violence in the streets of America . They don't care that any man , woman or teenager . Could be chased down in the street and beaten . Just for wearing a Trump hat. They don't care. Because the political zealots believe that  , "The End Justifies The Means " .

Let's start with the Trump is anti-Semitic lie. If a person has anti-Semitic views. It is reasonable to believe that person. Would pass on those views to  their children . Ivanka Trump  married Jared Kushner . Jared Kushner is is a Jew.  Ivanka Trump converted to Judaism . She is raising her children in the Jewish faith . Donald Trump welcomed Jared Kushner into his family with open arms. Donald Trump made Jared Kushner . One of his top people during the election. After he won the election . One of Donald Trump first moves. Was to give Jared Kushner a top position in the White House. The idea that President Trump is anti-Semitic is a insane idea. No reasonably intelligent person would think this to be true.  But that does not stop CNN and other fake news outlets from trying to spread this lie. Out of the millions of viewers and readers they have. If they are only successful in getting a few thousand to believe this lie. Then that group of a few thousand.  Will help spread the lie across social media. Will go out and hold protests. CNN will send reporters to those protests. They can keep reporting on and keep spreading this lie.

Next let's talk about the lie that Trump is a white supremacist. Trump refuses to denounce David Duke , the KKK and other white supremacist groups. The truth is completely opposite. Trump has a long history of denouncing David Duke and white supremacists. Years ago Donald Trump spoke out against David Duke. During the election  Trump disavowed David Duke and white supremacists countless times.

What about Charlottesville . Trump never said their was a  ( moral equivalency ) between the white supremacist and the protesters. Trump never said the Nazi group were fine people.  Trump said there was violence on both sides. That is true. That is a fact. Trump said some of the people protesting the removal of the statute were fine people. He was not talking about the KKK , Nazi or  white nationalists. There was some people and groups there. That had no connection to the white supremacists and did not support the white supremacists. It is true there were some fine people there. These people were there to just protest the removal of the statue or just there to support free speech . The video below proves that to be true.

Has there been a rise in activity from  white supremacy groups since the election of Trump?  Yes that is true. Do some members of these  white supremacy groups feel that Trump supports them. ? Yes that is true. But it is not because President Trump is a racist because he is not one. There has been a rise in activity from  white supremacy groups. Because CNN and other fake news outlets wanted it to happen. They made it happen. I don't remember a time when David Duke , the KKK and other white supremacy groups , were talked about so much.  CNN bends over backwards trying to connect everything Trump does to white supremacy groups. They say Trump wants to build a wall because that's what white supremacy groups want. They say Trump wants a travel ban because that's what white supremacy groups want. It is reasonably to believe that so much talk about the KKK and white supremacy groups. Is going to draw these people out from under the rocks they live. Of course they will think that Trump supports them. They are told this by CNN every day.  Winston Churchill said " A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. "

In conclusion , I know this all sounds depressing as hell. Because it is depressing as hell. This is a sad time for America. A sad time for freedom. If you told me ten years ago. That some day people in America would be chased down in the street and beaten . Just for showing support for a political candidate. I would have said that you were crazy. I would have said that only happens in third world nations. That would never happen in the United States. But that is the reality that we live in today.  I want to leave you with a little bit of hope for the future. Buddha said , "Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.

There were some fine people in Charlottesvill that day. See video below.

Below is photo of Trump standing next to civil rights icon Rosa Parks . They both received the  same award on the same day. The Ellis Island Medal of Honor in 1986.

Trump stand next to civil rights icon Rosa Parks
Trump standing next to civil rights icon Rosa Parks

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