Monday, May 12, 2014

Asking Obama to help end female genital mutilation in America

Jaha Dukureh lives in Atlanta. She is a victim of  female genital mutilation. She is asking Obama to order the department of health and human services to carry out a new study on  female genital mutilation in America. Some American girls are being taken overseas to be cut, some are cut here in America. United Nations secretary general Ban Ki-moon has endorsed Dukureh’s campaign.

“There is no way you should be born in America and still be worried about female genital mutilation,” said Dukureh. “America is the land of the free. In this country girls are protected. But FGM is not something that is happening in a far away place, it is happening here to American girls. They may come from immigrant communities, that doesn’t make it acceptable.”


Jaha Dukureh's Petition to Obama

Jara Dukureh on Twitter

Safe Hands For Girls

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