Thursday, May 9, 2024

Israel - Hamas War

This is the key to peace. It’s very simple. “ Don’t start nothing won’t be nothing.” Stop firing rockets into Israel. Stop the acts of terrorism against Israel. I am surprised at the restraint Israel has shown over the years. Rocket attacks has become part of daily life for Israel. No other country would have put up with this for so long. The people that are now calling for a cease fire. Why were you so silent , where was your outrage ? Doing all this these years of attacks. Just as ISIS was a threat that America had to do everything to end. Hamas is a threat Israel has to do everything to end. —

Ok. This is my opinion on what Israel should do. I know this is never to happen. But it should . Israel should evacuate half of Gaza. Move everyone one out. Permanently take control of the area. Then say. All the Palestinians that do not support Hamas. All the Palestinians that want to leave in peace. You came come live in this part of Gaza. That is just my opinion. And something I know will never happen but it should. Hamas is a terrorist group. That is a fact. No debate about that. Hamas is also the government of Gaza. Why the world is ok with this insanity is beyond me. Right now Palestinians have no choice. To have a terrorist group as their government as now their only option. By taking over part of Gaza. It would give people a choice. But like I said before this will never happen. People would cry that Israel is just trying to steal land. This never ending war. Has nothing to do with land or any occupation. Those are just smoke screens. This is about people hating Israel and just wanting to kill Jews. There is no deal or negotiations that can be made with people like Hamas. No two state solutions with people that murder babies.


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