Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Neil Armstrong On Ten Dollar Bill

Should Neil Armstrong replace Alexander Hamilton on ten dollar bill? Why the ten dollar bill? Sometimes people call money dead presidents. That is because the faces of past presidents are on most American currency. Most not all. Benjamin Franklin is on the one hundred dollar bill. Benjamin Franklin was never president . Alexander Hamilton is on the ten dollar bill . He was not a president. Salmon P. Chase is on the 10,000 dollar bill. He was never president. So it need to be the 10, 100 or the 10,000 dollar bill. Most people will never touch or every see a 10,000 dollar bill. So that is out. Benjamin Franklin is awesome. So it can not be the 100 dollar bill. Alexander Hamilton was a Founding Father of America. He played an important in our History. As a Founding Father of America. Hamilton wanted the best for this nation and it's people. Neil Armstrong reminds us of the best that we can be. 500 years from now. Neil Armstrong will still be an inspiration to Americans and people all over the world. I think if Alexander Hamilton was alive today he would approve of Neil Armstrong being on the ten dollar bill.

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