Monday, October 3, 2016

To win the election Donald Trump needs to become a street fighter

To be perfectly honest. I don't  think Donald Trump's campaign team is doing a good job. He should be way ahead of Hillary Clinton at this point. His campaign ads suck. His campaign ads  are boring , generic ads that don't do any good. He needs campaign ads that people talk about at the water cooler.  Campaign ads that could go viral. Also he needs to take the fight to the streets. Focus on the everyday everyday average. There are about 35 days until the election. The news media is in the  tank for Hillary. Battling it out on cable news shows will not help much. He needs to focus on get his getting your message directly to the American people. By way of more tv ads, Facebook and YouTube videos. He needs much better campaign ads and he needs more of them. He are a few things he needs to focus on.

Number one. Hillary Clinton is a government official. A  government official whose staff  had to invoke  the Fifth Amendment  during an  investigation. This has to be used in a campaign ads. The news media never talks about this. A lot of voters out there never heard about this.

Number two. Donald Trump is being portrayed by the media. As a rich billion that only cares about the rich and Wall street. Hillary Clinton is being portrayed as a regular person that will fight Wall Street and the big banks. That is total BS. Most of the money from Wall Street and the big banks is going to Hillary Clinton. This is something Trump needs to use in campaign ads. This may or may not get Bernie Sanders supporters to vote for Trump. But it will get them to not vote for Hillary Clinton.

Number three. Trump has to talk about Bill Clinton in campaign ads. Donald Trump himself should never talk about this. Kellyanne Conway, Katrina Pierson, Kayleigh McEnany or some other woman on the Trump campaign team should talk about this. In every campaign ad about Bill Clinton they need to use video of Michelle Obama saying, " If you can't run your own house you can't run the White House " .

But Bill Clinton is not the candidate. This is old news. When ever Trump or one of his supporters go on one of the cable news shows. And they start to talk about Bill Clinton the host of the show immediately cuts  them off. The host say Bill is not the candidate this is old news. Hillary has said that she will put Bill in charge of creating new jobs. Bill Clinton will play a big part in the administration and key policy decisions. Bill Clinton is not going to be restricted to the normal First Lady roles of the past.  On the issue of Bill Clinton's bad behavior being old news.  Most people might know about  Monica Lewinsky. But Gennifer Flowers , Paula Jones and Juanita Broaddrick were all before the boom of the internet and social media. Millions of young female voters. Have no idea that Bill Clinton had to pay 850,000 to Paula Jones in a sexual harassment lawsuit. Millions of young female voters. Have no idea that Juanita Broaddrick said that Bill Clinton raped her. They have no idea how Hillary Clinton attacked these women. This issue is important. In a environment where a rapist like Brock Turner is released from jail after serving only 3 months .  Donald Trump has a duty to talk about how Hillary treated Paula Jones and others.

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