Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friday the 13th Killing Spree

On Friday the 13th many shows got canceled.

NBC kills, The Event,Law & Order: Los Angeles, Outsourced.
ABC kills ,Brothers & Sisters, V, No Ordinary Family, Detroit 1-8-7, Off the Map,Mr. Sunshine.

A few days ago Fox canceled,Lie To Me,The Chicago Code,Human Target,Traffic Light, and Breaking In.

OK lets start with Fox. The Chicago Code and Breaking In, will hurt to see these 2 shows go. There is one report that says Fox might be changing it mind about Breaking In, and might bring it back. I hope so. The Chicago Code was an excellent drama ,Jennifer Beals and the rest of the cast were great. I hope another network picks it up. It was time for Lie To Me to go. The show did not have any real direction. But I love Kelli Williams, well watch anything she is end. In a perfect world another network would pick up The Chicago Code and add Kelli Williams to the cast. Not sure what to say about Human Target, maybe it was time for the show to go. Most of the new shows coming to Fox sound like they are going to suck. Exit Strategy sounds like it might be good. After she was such a big hit on 24 as Renee Walker. I thought we would be seeing Annie Wersching in her own show on Fox. Still waiting for that to happen. Annie Wersching was in the pilot for Partners, but ABC said Friday that it would not pick up the show.

OK now ABC. Season 1 and 2 of V was just awful.  The season final of V was good. Everyone happy about the death of Tyler. I do not think there has ever been so much joy in the death of a person on a show. It looked like the show was going in a new direction. But I guess it was too little too late. No Ordinary Family, happy that it is gone. Never saw Brothers & Sisters, but everyone says it was a good show. I never saw Detroit 1-8-7, Off the Map,Mr. Sunshine.

OK now NBC. Was so much in love with The Event when it first started , but not so much now. It just moved along too slowly not enough information. Chase was always good. Hate to see it go. NBC should have gave Chase a second season. I don't watch any of the other shows on NBC.

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