Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Night Anti-Obama Protest: Israel Will not Commit Suicide

Israel did not just say no to Obama they said HELL NO

Sunday Night Anti-Obama Protest: Israel Will not Commit Suicide

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

The “My Israel” movement is staging a rally opposite the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv Sunday evening under the banner “Israel will not commit suicide,” referring to the 1949-67 “Auschwitz borders” that U.S. President Barack Obama wants to impose on Israel.

Demonstrators will wear nooses around their necks to symbolize their opposition to shrinking Israel to what Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said are ”indefensible borders" for the sake of creating a Palestinian Authority country in its place.

The protest also is the first ‘Facebook protest” in which people can participate online.

'My Israel' official Ayelet Shaked told Israel National News, “Prime Minister Netanyahu presented clear opposition to Obama’s borders but needs support from the people. We want to strengthen him and show him that the people are behind him.”

She also said that no one has adequately explained to President Obama that the idea of five million foreign Arabs flooding Israel, as demanded by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, has unified all of Israel against the proposal.

“The unprecedented demand by President Obama to grant a country to Hamas, one of the supporters of Bin Laden at the same time Obama ordered him to be killed, is equivalent to asking Israel to commit suicide,” Shaked said.

“Millions of foreign Arabs would be placed in Kfar Saba [in the northern metropolitan Tel Aviv region]. Along with surrendering areas near Ben Gurion Airport, missiles would fall on the entire central region."

She declared that Obama’s proposal should not be presented to any country and "certainly not to a friend like Israel.”

Shaked concluded, “There are those who support concessions and there are those who do not, but Israelis have absolutely made it known that no one is prepared to commit suicide.”


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Sunday Night Anti-Obama Protest: Israel Will not Commit Suicide - Inside Israel - Israel News - Israel National News

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